Kay’s Community Newsletter 15th September

Ski Trip

Oh my the day was just fabulous. Many students commented on how it was worth the wait. The sun shone all day and the slopes were the quietest I personally have ever seen them.

When we floated the idea, as community LA’s, of a community ski trip we very much had our core values in mind. We were thinking of Kaha – students pushing the boundaries of their own learning by taking risks – and we were aiming to encourage everyone to come and learn and push themselves. Yesterday I was humbled by our students display of the school core values.

At first everyone had there own things to focus on. Getting the gear, having a go, doing a lesson, their own moments of Kaha. As the day went on the core values of Whanaungatanga and Aroha could be seen everywhere you looked. I couldn’t have been prouder of my community. It was like our collective goal was to make sure everyone was included, felt safe, was happy, felt supported and encouraged and achieved whatever it was they wanted to achieve.

I never saw one student showing off, seeking attention, taking the mickey out of others, sniggering or anything negative towards another student. In fact I saw the complete opposite. Many students sacrificing their run and their enjoyment to make sure someone else less confident or less able was really enjoying it. It truly was beautiful to be part of.

Yesterday was a unique opportunity to see how our students operate in their world and the shone. I think we should all be proud of how they handle themselves in their world. They are confident to ask questions and to challenge things but they do it respectfully and with others in mind. 

Tessa’s Happy Wraps
Tessa is hoping to sell the last of her Happy Wraps at COL tonight. See the attached poster.
Celebration of Learning Tonight!!
Final reminder that we have our first ever Whole School Celebration of Learning (COL) tonight. 6pm Haeata Community Campus. Parking is off Breezes Road. See attached map.