Our Students

At Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery we want our graduates to be as diverse as they choose to be. Our students are central to every decision made about their education. Students control which areas of the NZ Curriculum they would like to pursue and are not restricted to doing something just because of their year level.  Every day, our entire community encourages our students to be creative, innovative and take risks with their learning. If you have a commitment to learning, our community will work hard to try and make that a reality for you.  We deliver NZ secondary school qualifications in a personalised way that fits you first rather than the school.

Josh, Graduated 2014

I really liked the individual pathways that the school provides. When I was in Y12 I completed all of my assessments necessary to obtain UE. In Y13 I was then able to focus exclusively on painting and printmaking. My work was fully self-directed and facilitated by my art learning advisor through frequent meetings. Every day I worked until the work was done, which often involved long hours. I stayed for another year (Y14) to establish a sculpture portfolio. I am currently in my second year of studying at Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland.

During my time at school I developed an interest in croquet as I wanted to get out of the art room occasionally, so I joined the croquet school team. I never really had any ambi ons to do well academically, but the environment of the school and all the great rela- onships with Learning Advisors and students helped me to achieve and to become successful.” (NB: Josh has been awarded the Denise Gerard Scholarship for Fine Arts at Auckland University).

Josh also won the Under 21 World Championships in croquet in 2015!!

Madison, Y12

I have a passion for dance, art, music, and singing. I really enjoyed running Stage Challenge this year, together with another student. It was quite a challenge as the two of us were in charge of the whole project, such as finding a theme, choreography, music, lighting, and costumes. We had a bit over a term to get it up and running, and we practiced during school time, at lunch times and weekends.

I am happy that we finally have a hip hop teacher at our school, as hip hop is another passion of mine. We are even able to do assessments and work towards NCEA levels 1, 2, and 3. Next year I want to apply to a end a Maori dance course at Otago and I have recently started learning Te Reo in preparation for that.

Eiko, Y10

I have been involved in a business project called Developster for about a year now. It is an online platform that helps teen entrepreneurs to connect, share, and collaborate, with like-minded teenagers, such as graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, game designers and more. Most kids have little access to Computer Science and Developster intends to change that. We have a really cool classroom for learning, it’s called Kohknowco Lab and we have mentors at Silicon Valley who support our project. We are planning to go to Redmond (USA) in October to build affiliate partnerships for the business and to hopefully launch Developster officially.