IEM Booking – Discovery Campus

IEM Booking – Discovery Campus


Use this page to book an IEM with your child’s Learning Advisor/s.

If you require supervision for IEMs please use the following link…

IEM Supervision Form


Please click on the name of your child’s LA, then use the calendar to book a time.

La Decouverte…there are 2 options for your child’s IEM here.

  1. Book an IEM with your Homebase LA (30 mins). If you write Marie Eve’s name in the Child’s Name Box also then Marie Eve will attend this IEM and both the LA and Marie Eve will participate in the same IEM.     eg  Child’s Name… Ian Hayes (Marie Eve)
  2. Book an IEM with your Homebase LA (30 mins) and another with Marie Eve (30 mins).



Marie Eve

Nadine & Suze







IEM Documents

Collect Connect Create Project Proposal

Passions and Interests – Example


Passions and Interests- Blank

Collect Connect Create Action planner