Individual Education Meetings (IEMs)…1st February & 2nd of February

On the 1st February & the 2nd of February we will be having our IEM (Individual Education Meeting) days for this term.

This meeting is one of the most important components of Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery. At this meeting your child has an opportunity to discuss their passions, interests and needs and be a major part of the decision making around their learning for the coming term. The child, parent(s) and Learning Advisor negotiate together to create an individual learning programme that meets the needs of the child. As the first educator of your child you play a major role in the direction of the learning for the term ahead.

It is absolutely imperative that we have one of these meetings per term to create the plan for the term that follows. IEMs take place on a needs basis.  These meetings are not optional and you do need to book one.

Please follow the following link to find your child’s LA and to then book an IEM. You should receive a confirmation email, sometimes this sends to your junk mail.

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Unlimited Campus…