Kay’s Community Newsletter  25th September

Newsletter  25th September

IEM’s Term

IEM’s are not scheduled on the Unlimited Campus in Term 4. As a community we have arranged to have some times available if you would like or need an IEM. We have set aside Monday 16th October 9.00- 10.30 and Friday 20th October 9.00 – 10.30. LA’s are also happy to make an appointment if needed. Please make contact directly with your HBLA.

Celebration of Learning (COL)

We had an fantastic turn out for our recent COL. We had year 0 -13 students sharing their learning.  The students who presented shared a true reflection of who we are as a community. Varied, unique and unpolished. The feedback I received from some of the 400-500 strong audience was really positive and as a first attempt I believe it was a great start. I also believe it displays that we are close to being one school, it was a fantastic turnout and a really respectful and supportive experience for the students who presented. Thanks you to those who supported this.

A+P Show

We have decided to go to the A+P show as a community trip. We have ordered 40 tickets and will be selling them soon. The school price for Primary and Secondary students are slightly different which complicates things for us. So we have a ticket price of $6 each. More information will come out next term about which day we are going and more.

Impact Projects to Student Led Workshops

We are currently wrapping up most Impact Projects. Students are busy reflecting and working out where they are at. We will now be moving onto Student Led Workshops. These are an opportunity for students to work with the school’s guiding principle that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learning. Students can offer short term workshops or more longer term ones as they chose. This will happen in the purple block of 4.1 next term.