Kay’s Community Newsletter 3rd April

Kay’s Community Newsletter 3rd April

Camp Success!!

Camp was a great success. It seemed as though most students really enjoyed spending the extra time with each other. For staff it was a great opportunity for us to see many students using our Core Values. We saw a huge number step up and help out. Our camp was deliberately designed so that students could choose to help out rather than be forced to. This meant a number of students chose to prepare dinner while others played and then at other times a number of different students chose to wash the dishes whilst others hung out.  As an LA t is always nice to see our young people step up for others.

There were also a lot of team challenges and once again most students stepped up to this and started to think of others more than themselves. Camp is a unique opportunity for students to be the best that they can and many tried really hard.

Then there were the parents. It was great to have so many out for dinner and hopefully the will be the start of us being able to get people together. A special thanks needs to be given to those parents who stayed over and those who also got involved with the jobs about camp. I couldn’t name you all but thank you. Thanks also to Susie Compton for organising all the food. A mammoth job and we had such fabulous food.

Courses for 2.1

These should be available by the end of this week. Students will need to choose these before the IEM’s so that we have time to deal with any classes that might need adjusting.  Course are found on the website under Learn. Here is a link but remember to change the filters to 2018 and 2.1.




Yes it is almost that time. This year we are aligning our IEM days with the Discovery Campus so they will be happening on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th April. Like last time it is really helpful if families had chatted about a students goals, courses and and Self Directed Learning.

Here is the link to the website to book your IEM. You need to find your child’s Learning Advisor under Kay’s Community and click on them.

IEM bookings Unlimited


A Message From CCC

Christchurch City Council is working with Christchurch Youth Council to run “Decisions for the Decade”, a workshop on the draft Long Term Plan 2018-2028 specifically for young people aged 12-24. This will be an opportunity for young people to learn more about local government decision-making, how to make submissions, and have their say on the Long Term Plan. We would love for you and any young people in your school to come along.


When: 5-7pm, Thursday 5 April

Where: Mayor’s Lounge, Christchurch City Council, 51 Hereford Street

RSVP: by filling out this form with your details and dietary requirements: https://goo.gl/forms/ph8hi5RYQMdzOMaY2


Facebook event can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/2112216375461509/

Any questions, contact kaitlyn.white@ccc.govt.nz


Kai will be provided and some elected members will be attending to listen to the young people and provide further detail about the plan. There is no level of expertise/knowledge required to attend.


. The workshop will cover:

·         How decisions are made

·         Why young people should have a say

·         Overview of the Long Term Plan

·         Submission tips and tricks

·         Activities to discuss different topics of the LTP and what young people would like changed

·         Sharing upcoming opportunities to be involved and have your say in Council

·         Informal networking time with elected members