Kay’s Community Newsletter Monday 3rd July

Kay’s Community Newsletter Monday 3rd July


These are scheduled for the first 2 days of term 3 July 24 and 25. Bookings will be available through the website as usual.

Celebration of Learning

Thanks to all the students who shared in our Community COL. We had 14 individuals or groups share what they have been doing and where they are at with their personal learning. Thanks also to those parents who came in to support it. It’s always great to have you.

Impact Projects

These will continue on in term 3. Most groups are in the middle of their projects and have planned for lots to happen next term. The last couple of weeks have been hard for lots of people as we are right in the thick of it and facing challenges. It was really timely to see some of the progress some students have made today. Hopefully it will inspire others to push on through.

ARA Taster courses for Years 9-11

ARA are offering taster sessions for year 9-11 students. They cost $50 each but Kirsty can cover this through our careers budget if you make contact with her. The tasters range from GirlsTrades to Food and Hospitality. Check out their website for a full list: http://www.ara.ac.nz/explore-ara/ara-experience/taster-days#

Notice from the Otakaro Orchard Fundraising Group