Student Innovation Fund Registration Form

The student innovation fund is a fund of several thousand dollars that exists to allow students to better explore their passions and interests with financial assistance from the school. The Board of Trustees has placed innovation and new ventures as its primary goal for this fund. The structure for attaining funding follows:
1. Students who are interested in using the fund fill in this short registration form explaining what they want.
2. Students who have registered meet with a panel of students to present their ideas in greater depth. (This could be via a short powerpoint presentation, speech, talk, or business pitch depending on what is most appropriate for the application and student).
3. The panel can then discuss the applications and decide whether the students meet the requirements for funding.
4. After the decision is made students are directed to the correct avenues for funding.

The Innovation Fund Panel has a maximum number of 6 members not including the Director. A panel meeting has a quorum of 4 student members.

If you would like funding and agree to following this process, please complete the form below.

Download (PDF, 36KB)