Year 0-3 Community – Week 7 update

Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve all had a good week.

Thank you to everyone involved in PINs. As usual there have been a fantastic range of options for the children. PINs really embraces our principle of “Everyone’s a teacher, everyone’s a learner.” The buzz around the school during PINs cannot help but make us all smile and cheer up in these cool winter days.

Our next amazing community opportunity is MATARIKI – next Friday! No doubt you will have already seen notices about this in the newsletter but let me encourage you – if you have never been to one of our Matariki celebrations, please try to get along. It is such a fun evening, full of creating, sharing and remembering. The magic of dark, cold and twinkly lights is such fun.

I can’t believe it but…..look out for a notice next week about booking your next IEMs with your LAs. If you are new to our school, these are our version of parent/teacher meetings but in our usual way it’s quite different. We meet together – child, parents and LAs, reflect on the term that has passed and set new goals based around children’s passions, interests and needs. Each meeting lasts 30mins which surprisingly never seems long enough. It really helps if you talk to your child before IEMs about how things are going, things they’ve enjoyed, things that are challenging and any ideas they have for solutions to these challenges. Of course we really want to hear about what they want to learn and/or teach too!

Sickness – oh my! There is a nasty couple of viruses going around. One is the dreaded tummy bug. Please ensure your child remains at home until 48hrs after their LAST bout of vomiting or diarrhoea. The second is a yucky cold. This one seems to be long-lived and really exhausting – I know from personal experience.

Thanks again to those who pop in to do the big and small jobs that make our lives as LAs just that little bit easier!

Have a great weekend,

Nadine, Gina, Jason and Libby