Year 1-4 End of Term notices

Hiya All,

Well here we are just about at the end of term 1.

I wanted firstly to say a big thanks to the wonderful LAs and Learning Support staff your children and I get to work with each day. As you will all be aware your children’s LAs and our fab Claire work incredibly hard to meet the needs and interests of your children, and to provide exciting learning opportunities on and off campus. Highlights this term have included swimming, camp, PINs, clip and climb, literacy and numeracy workshops, science experiments, core value play, book weeks. These are the things you see day to day. What I also get to see are late evening emails, numerous meetings, google docs, EOTC forms, contact with outside organisations, professional development commitments, extra study, professional conversations about how to support each child – I could go on.

Next week we are ending the term as we began – as one big community. On Wednesday we are going to have a shared picnic lunch on the school grounds (hopefully the sun will shine). This will be followed by a movie and popcorn. Please provide a plate of food to share (preferably healthy-ish).

As I’m sure you are aware IEMs are on Thursday and Friday. Please ensure you have booked an IEM with your child’s LA as soon as possible. You can do this through the “connect” button on the website. Most children stay at home on IEM days and just come in for their meeting, however if you require supervision for your child on these days please notify Niki. Supervision is between 9am and 3pm. A reliever (or two) will run an alternate programme for children needing to be at school.

Please return any school reading books you may have at home. We really need to have these books back so we can use them for other children. Just a reminder too – please ensure your child has a book bag each day for transporting books. The books cost between $8-$14 each so you can imagine what a precious resource they are. In HB Tuatara alone we send out books to the value of $250 per reading day!

We would love to see as many parents in as possible next week to help with the end of term clean up. If you are unsure what to do please talk to the LAs. Helpful jobs include sorting games, putting away books, wiping down surfaces and sharpening pencils. Even half an hour of your time is valued.

Finally, thank you to all the parents who have been involved in making our school as special place for our children. Whether you run workshops, provide transport, wipe tables, put out chairs, file reading books or sharpen pencils you enhance the learning experience for children and lighten the load for staff. We appreciate each and every act.