You can now order your stationery and have it delivered to the school for you! Orders in by close off date Feb 2nd

Kia ora McMahon campus parents at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery.

I know it is very early to be thinking of stationary for next year but we have decided this year to try something new.

We are giving you an opportunity to order your stationery through the school by February the 2nd the last day of iems and have it delivered for your child ready to use within the next week. (This is not a fundraising opportunity merely a way we thought we could make like easier for you. )

Below are links you can use to order your stationery for 2018.

Just click on the right link for the Homebase and Community you are in next year and fill in the short form. Next year your school account will be charged with the cost of your stationery pack which will be delivered the week following the 2nd.

You do not have to use this method if you don’t want to. Attached to this emails is a detailed list of each Community’s stationery needs so that if you would like to do the shopping yourself you are welcome to do so.

Keep an eye on the date closing next year on the 2nd Feb as we may not be able to do an order after this date.

Thanks everyone, have an awesome holiday with your family.

Ka kite ano, Melva



Kiwi Homebase/ Nadine:  New entrant to year 2

Cost $23.44


Fancy Chicken Homebase/ Gina & Libby : Year 3-4

Cost $41.54


Phoenix Homebase/ Mel and Melva: Year 5-6 +

Cost $36.13


La Decouverte / Jean Chiron: Year 1-3   

Cost $45.61


La Decouverte / Jean Chiron: Year 4-6 

Cost $45.61