Yr 1-4 Community – The term so far

Kia ora whanau!

Firstly let me welcome our new tamariki and their whanau to our community. We are super excited to have you on board, finding out about what makes you tick and creating amazing learning experiences together. Thank you to our existing whanau for being so welcoming too. It’s great for new parents to get a parents perspective on our way of learning.

HB Hawk have hit the ground running with children engaged in a wide range of opportunities and passions. Several of the children have joined in winter sports – great to see kaha in action. I was taken aback (in a good way) when walking past a group of HB Hawk children running their reflection group. If you haven’t seen this in action you really should. The children were confident in their roles (interviewer, camera person, interviewee) and were taking responsibility for recording their learning in a meaningful and accessible way. I continue to be amazed at the level of engagement the children have in HB Hawk. It is such great reinforcement of our guiding principles of flexible pathways and children being at the centre of their learning.

The next great adventure for HB Hawk is their camp in week 5. Hopefully you have got yourselves organised with the gear your whanau will need and are now getting excited. Have a blast!

La Découverte have welcomed Lindsay, a new french-speaking volunteer. Lindsay has become such a part of us already and obviously enjoys what we offer so much because she has just enrolled her daughter! Jean continues to work tirelessly to ensure children are receiving education in both French and English. To support with this the La Découverte children are spending two afternoons in either Hawk or Tuatara. We are enjoying this opportunity to interact together. Children from La Découverte have begun to offer child-led workshops in French to all homebase children on Friday afternoons. I happened upon Elise and Zara’s workshop last Friday and was stunned at the level of planning by the girls and the engagement of those participating. Wow!

HB Tuatara have had an amazing amount of parental support this term. The LAs are extremely grateful as this allows the personalisation of the children’s learning to an even greater degree. So many thanks to our parent team.

This term HB Tuatara and embarking on a new adventure – learning through play. Whilst we have always had some opportunities for play, we are now being more intentional about it. We also have a goal that at least one play session will be off site for a nature play session. We had our first one on Monday and it was a roaring success. Hopefully later this term, or at least early on next term, I would like to run a parent forum on play based learning and the value of getting into nature.

Don’t forget that week 7 is our PINs week culminating in our amazing, not-to-be-missed evening Matariki celebration on the Friday. Get your PINs offers in ASAP so we can send out the sign up forms.

We have agreed to having a teacher only day on the last day of Term 2 this year.  This day will allow the learning advisors to participate in the Central City Cluster of school’s professional development day around wellbeing and students with specific learning needs.  The school (both campuses) will be closed for instruction on Friday 6 July as a result. This means IEMs will happen on Wednesday and Thursday of that week (except for Nadine’s people – Tuesday pm and Thursday). Sign up forms for these will come out later in the term.


Finally I thought I’d let you know the extra study your children’s LAs are involved in at present and the near future. Libby has been doing a post-graduate diploma with MindLab looking at technology in schools, Gina is working many hours on a wellbeing strategy for our whole school, Suze is doing the Teacher refresher Course and I am about to begin the “Incredible Years” study programme. Jean has  been focussing on phonics teaching attending  a course with our own Yolanda Soryl.