1.2 PINs Workshops – Unlimited Campus only

Thanks to everyone who has offered a PINs workshop for 1.2, we eventually had 45 workshops to promote which was an amazing achievement! 

Your Workshop…

We have spent this week placing people in workshops. Thanks to everyone who made the Monday Deadline for selecting your workshop…the benefit of doing that is you are more likely to be placed in your first choice. 

As we mentioned it is impossible to get everyone into their first choice, which is why we ask for 3 choices.

In the link below you will find (somewhere, there’s a lot to go through…maybe best to use the find feature and search for your name) your name and the workshop you are in.


Unfortunately we still have approximately 30 students who have not made choices. At this stage we will need to meet in the office area on Wednesday at 10.50am to place you in a workshop.

On the link below you will find the space that your workshop is going to be located. All workshops begin at 10.50, this Wednesday the 13th of March at the Unlimited Campus.


Those of you who are leading a Workshop should have received an email this morning with further information.

Thanks again everyone…

Ian and Duncan