2019 Year 11 – 13 information

2019 year 11 – 13 information

Welcome to another year at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery. This year is filled with excitement as we finally we make our way back into the CBD. This has been a long time coming but we’re almost there!

As part of the year 11-13 community these students are the seniors in the school. As we get our whole community together the opportunities for our senior students to develop leadership, set a strong positive and inspiring student culture and develop their own learning is about enter an exciting new phase.


IEMs are a critical feature of life at Ao Tawhiti. These meetings allow students to build the learning programs that move them towards the goals they set for themselves.

The first IEM days this year are set for Thursday January 31 and Friday February 1. If you have booked one already: fantastic! If not please make a booking ASAP. You can follow this link to do so.

If you are not sure who to book with you can find your 2019 HBLA here.

Start of the year and week one information

  • The first days for students are the IEM days (see above). Students are only required to be at school for their IEM.
  • Monday February 4: The day begins with a mihi whakatau to welcome new students and their whanau to our community.
  • This will be followed by Homebase and community meetings.
  • After that, classes for 2019 begin.
  • Wednesday February 6 is Waitangi day. There is no school this day.

Stationary Requirements

  • There is no specific requirement as each students program varies.
  • The HBLA will be able to provide advice in the IEM
  • BYOD is welcomed


  • Classes will be spread over 5 colour block options. Each block runs twice per week for 90 minutes.
  • Classes are organised by curriculum level. Students are free to learn at the level that suits their learning need.
  • As a general guide: 6 = year 11 and is assessed at NCEA level 1; 7 = year 12 and is assessed at NCEA level 2; 8 = year 13 and is assessed at NCEA level 3
  • Colour block classes run in the morning from 9:00am – 10:30am and in the afternoon from 1:00pm – 2:30pm. L2L (more details below) runs from 10:50am – 12:20pm.
  • Break times are 10:30am – 10:50am and 12:20pm – 1:00pm
  • 1:1 meetings are 15 minutes long and each student will have one booked one day week between 2:30pm and 3:15pm

L2L (Learning 2 Lead)

  • There are some changes to the timetable this year as we move into the CBD.
  • We are introducing a concept across the school called L2L.
  • What happens in this time will be vary depending on the community level the student is in.
  • In year 11 – 13 during this time  (7.5 hours/week) there will 3 hours of collaboratively taught options available, these will cover multiple learning areas and be thematically based.
  • They will provides opportunities for assessments at NCEA levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • There will  be 2 half hour slots for HB.
  • 1 90 minute slot for community time.
  • Opportunities for SDL.
  • A 90 minute PINS (Passions Interests Needs) option.