Kay’s Community Newsletter 28th May 2018

Kay’s Community Newsletter

Community Breakfast / Pink Ribbon Breakfast Friday 1st June from 8.30 in P13

We would love to invite anyone and everyone to come and have a pancake or two with us next Friday morning. We are taking a break from Student Led Workshops to give us some time to socialise. If you can arrange to go in to work a little late then we would love you to join us. We are hoping to have the coffee machine in action and Zack is going to be pancake man!! Dress up in pink and bring some pink themed food / treats if you can.

Pancakes and hopefully coffee will be available from 8.30 am and we will ask for donations. If you can’t come or if it is easier Sarah Marshall has organised a page through Pink Ribbon Breakfast where you can donate online. Follow this link below:


Matariki  – Friday 22nd June 4pm Discovery Campus

This will be our last Matariki Celebration on our temporary sites and Niki and others are working hard to make it a great one. If you don’t know, Matariki has traditionally been one of our biggest who school socials for a number of years now. As usual our community will be getting involved and we would love you to come and join us. Look out for more info and how to sign up to help in the school newsletter.

Making Reusable Bags needs your help…….

Hey guys, we are really looking for some pillow cases and T-shirts to turn into bags. Can you raid your cupboards and send some in for us. Thanks, the Reusable Bag team.


Zack’s HB

Last Wednesday our homebase had a nice morning making some fantastic omelettes, and Lewis led us through a Kahoot quiz he made himself where we learned about different aspects of film. Thanks to those students who helped plan this morning and helped pick up ingredients!