Kay’s Community Newsletter Sunday 12th August

Kay’s Community Newsletter Sunday 12th August

No Strike for us.

Some people have been asking me about the upcoming Primary School Strike action. This round of negotiations does not involve us therefore this strike action does not include us. We will be supporting our colleagues in other ways.

Red and Black Fundraiser

The events group made another $75 on their Red and Black day Fundraiser. They will be doing a raffle next just as soon as they get some prizes together.

3.2 Courses out soon

The schedule for 3.2 classes will be available soon if you would like to have a look at the available courses.

Community Ski Trip Weds 22nd Aug

We have submitted names for the community ski trip already. This means we are committed now. Hopefully the weather will be fab. We will make a decision on Monday 20th August if the weather isn’t looking good. Here is some other information that maybe useful in advance:

Students should have with them warm clothing, including: waterproof snow jacket and snow pants, gloves/mitts, toque/beanie that fits comfortably under a helmet, and warm base layers (preferably some polypropylene or wool material; cotton layers are not recommended). They will also need eye protection either good quality sunglasses or ski goggles. Plenty of food and snacks and/or money to purchase food is also recommended. Beware it is very expensive on the mountain!