Amazing Opportunity to be part of two Murals in the South Frame

Ao Tawhiti students have been given this once in a life time opportunity to be part of a two large murals to be painted on buildings close to our school.

All you need to do is come up with a slogan. That is it. The two winning slogans will be turned into a mural by students from Yoobee and painted on the buildings. Winning slogans will receive $250!!!

So not only will you have your work on the side of a building you will also get some cash!! How easy can it be?

Any student can enter this competition but entries close next week.

Please send your entry to by Wednesday 25th September.

Here is the brief in short see attachments for more information:

The Process

  • Work with central city school students to identify two short phrases of words reflecting a theme or value of the area. Competitions could be run by the schools. Cash prize of $250 for each winning words/phrase.
  • Work with tertiary design students to develop winning phrases in to murals. Competition would be run by institutes, but winners would be chosen by a panel including the building owners. Cash prize of $500 for each winning mural design.
  • Winning design students to work with a professional artist to execute design on the walls.

Creative Brief

The Murals must:


Be fun, vibrant and engaging;

Reflect a theme or value of the area;

To align with the intended human experience of the South Frame

• Work at two distances:

  • Be visible and dynamic from the street edges
  • Be inviting at close quarters

To help support visitation.

Good luck