Hi there Just a reminder to get an IEM booked for next Tuesday the 31st of January or Wednesday the 1st of February. The link to get to the booking site directly is… If your device is requesting a code the code is sj894.

Graduation info

We’ve had a couple of questions about whether we are using a ticketing system on the evening of graduation. We have not done this in the past and won’t be doing it this year. However, so that all students can be supported in the audience, we would like to ask that you limit the number […]

Graduation 2021

Friday, November 5 is our graduation! This event is one of the absolute highlights of the year. Graduation is our chance to farewell our leavers, hear each of their stories and wish them well on their next step. This year we’re thrilled to announce that graduation will again take place at the Piano. We’re set for […]