Permissions form

Here at Ao Tawhiti we have some important documents that need to be signed by the members of our community. In an attempt to reduce paper wastage and costs we have created this Google Form to make this happen. If you could work your way through the form that would be really appreciated. The form […]


It’s nearly PINS time! Last term we had approximately 60 workshops and over three quarters of those were offered by students and parents!  Term 3 Pins is starting on Wednesday the 4th of September (Week 7) which makes it a four week programme, we’d love to have you involved! PINS only works as well as […]

Pins Term 2 workshops…

Hi there Here is the link to the Term 2 PINs workshops.  We recognise that it may be difficult to find your sons/daughters name in the document. We would suggest you click “control and the letter f” to do a find in the document if you can’t find it. Please remember that it is not […]

Book an IEM – 2nd & 3rd of May.

In an attempt to streamline our IEM booking process we have moved to a new platform… To use this new system follow the following link to the booking website… we will email and schoolapps the code required to use this site… The whole process is pretty user friendly but I have created a guide […]