Camp reminders and key info

Hi guys

I thought I would just send a quick reminder of some of the key information for camp. Somethings could be slightly different from our first communications:
1. Camp starts at 4pm Thursday and finishes 3.45pm Friday.
2. Please bring shared dinner and baking.
3. Address and phone number
Waipara Adventure Centre
143 Darnley Road
RD3 Amberley
To contact a camper during camp 03 314881 ex 4
To contact Kay Hayes on camp 021778778
4.Please re-check the attached gear list to make sure you have what you might need.
5. Breakfast will include a hot option now.
6. Devices such as laptops and Ipads are not recommended. This is for many reasons including security and breakages. School Ipads should not be taken.
Hopefully you are all ready and this is just a reminder. I am off to pack and write out lots of lists!!