Board of Trustee update

Unfortunately we do not have an announcement on where our new building will be located in town.  That is not however to say that progress is not being made. Currently the Ministry of Education’s property team is working with the Board Chair and the Director on the documentation necessary for the masterplanning phase of the design.
Charter Review

The review of the 2014-2016 charter is well underway.  Thank you so much to the students, parents and staff who have already provided responses via either the form or the online survey. Remember that we want to hear from every one in our community.  We value your voice.  It is essential in creating a charter that will guide our school through our formative years.  It’s not too late to contribute.  Just visit and answer the questions on the online form.

Community of Learners

From 2015 we will have students working in learning communities from Y1-9. Communities create a sense of belonging for all, are the basis for strong a supportive relationships, reduce isolation, and also help encourage all members to contribute, participate and collaborate in their learning.  The completion of the former early childhood building, and the opening up of the spaces at the Discovery campus have provided us with a great opportunity to begin trialling how communities can support our personalised approach to students and their learning, prior to arriving at our new facilities in the CBD.

Belinda Nicholls
Board Chair
Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery