Hagley Dance Company

Hagley Dance Company Visit – Thursday 10.45am-12.15pm in DW1. Any student that have had dance experience (either through me at school or outside of school) are invited to attend a workshop with Hagley Dance Company. They will be performing and taking a jazz style based workshop with us. Please email me before Wednesday if you […]

UC Economics Day

[image: aotawhiti.school.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/image001.png] *UC Economics Day* It is our pleasure to invite you to nominate 5 students from your Year 11 cohort to attend our first UC Economics Day. This half-day session will broaden their understanding of economics and will demonstrate key economic principles in action. Students will also have the opportunity to meet and hear […]

Careers Expo – this Friday. Offsite learning forms etc in office and attached

*Careers Expo* *For Year 10-13 students* Horncastle Arena, Christchurch Thursday12 -Saturday 15 May see: www.careersexpo.org.nz/christchurch-2016 *School visits – Friday 13th* *You will catch the Orbiter bus to and from the expo* *Offsite learning forms, bus timetables, and expo magazine in office* *The form and and Orbiter timetable is also attached to this email.* *Visits should […]

Upcoming Events – Term 2

Canterbury Swimming Champs Yr9-13 Entries Closed Canterbury Road Race Yr9-13 Entries Close April 15th Winter Sport Yr7-13 Entries Close April 15th Canterbury Cross Country Yr9-13 Adventure Race Yr 11-13 Mud Run Yr9-13 Keep an eye out for any upcoming events or come and see me to gain more information. Don’t forget to return your signed […]