Deputy Director (Y1-6) Presentations – Wednesday 15 November 6-8pm

This Wednesday we have 3 candidates presenting and interviewing for the permanent Deputy Director / Senior Leader (1-6) position based at the Discovery Campus.

This is a vital leadership position and we really want to see as many people there as possible.

Please make an effort on Wednesday 15 November from 6pm to 8pm to get to the Unlimited Campus (we’re expecting a crowd so massive that the Discovery Campus will not be unable to fit you all in!) and support this process.

The candidates will first present to you on why they will be the most amazing leader.  They are then required to talk with and respond to some questions from groups of students, parents and staff.  Each group will have 10-15 mins with each candidate. Your feedback from these groups will be used to support the interviews that will occur the following day.

We realise that it’s an evening and we realise that for some of you, you’ll have to come to the “other campus” (it’s not that scary) but we believe these presentations are an important part of how we appoint our leaders and we would love to have all of you there so we can hear your voice.