Discovery Campus – Stationery Lists and initial 2017 info

Hi everyone
I am sending through initial info about Stationery Lists.
I believe it will all be available on Office Max like it has been for the last couple of years but I am yet to confirm the details for this.
So in the mean time I’m sending through lists for those that want to get on and take advantage of the sales that are on at the moment.
I will send through more info regarding the start of 2017 later this week, this will include IEM bookings (Individual Education Meetings). As a reminder though, our first day with the children will be Wednesday February 1, followed by IEMs on Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd. Monday the 6th is Waitangi Day and school, will be closed.
Stationery Lists…2017

Year 1-4 Stationery list 2017…

  • Writing book x 2 (1U4 or similar)
  • Maths x 2 (kiwi book one – yr0-1, book two yrs2-4)
  • Scrapbooks x3 (A3 size)
  • Pencils (packet to share)
  • Whiteboard pens x4
  • Sellotape x 2 large rolls
  • Book bag
  • Felts or coloured pencils
  • Small notebook

Year 4-7 Stationery List 2017…

  • Hat and drink bottle. (named please) Sunscreen that suits your skin type.
  • Maths book – 1E5 with margins
  • Writing/draft book x2 – Kiwi Company All Purpose Book (Awesome larger, longer
  • Writing book with margins for notes etc.)
  • Ruler
  • Glue sticks x5 – For sharing
  • 4 Packets of Pencils – For sharing
  • Pencil sharpener (metal) – For sharing
  • Small pack of felt pens – For sharing
  • 5 Rubbers – For sharing
  • Selloptape (large roll) – For sharing
  • Pack of Colours Pencils