Homebase Selections…Year 7-13, 2019.


Below are the 2019 homebases….

Please remember that while we do our best to place everyone with their first choice it is not always possible.

2019 will see all Year 7-13 students working in Communities with a variety of staff and a variety of students across the week. So, even if a student didn’t get their first choice, or are not in the same HB as all their friends, they will still have plenty of opportunities to work with them.

Please be aware that having a full roll at the moment means that making changes would be challenging and would have an impact elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE…the spreadsheet with the homebases has 3 tabs across the bottom of the sheet….Y7-10, Y7-13 and Y11-13. Please browse all 3 of these to find your son/daughter’s name.


Homebase selections.