Info for BOT Forum / Open letter

We have our forum next Wednesday the 2nd of March on the Unlimited site at 7.00pm. The Ministry have confirmed that they are coming along, to meet with you all and answer questions around our future move into the CBD.
With that in mind, we have received an open letter from some parents in our Community. It would be great if you could have a read and if you have any questions to add, then please email them through to This will give people who are not able to make it on the night, an opportunity to have a voice, and enable us to collate the questions as we imagine some will cover the same topics.
We are wanting the Ministry to answer all of our questions, so having a collated list will help that to happen. We will of course be able to ask these questions directly to the MoE, and have discussions with them. The Board will also be able to answer your questions, especially around what options the Board has previously looked at for our future, and what things we need to consider for our move into the CBD.
Nāku noa, nā
Jonelle Matthews – BOT Secretary