Junior Community News 22.10.2015

Junior Community News 22.10.2015

Another lovely week in the Junior Community.


Homebases have been exploring Mindfulness a bit more and practicing the listening techniques. We have also been looking at the benefits of being grateful. Studies have shown that people who write down the things that they are grateful for everyday, can increase their levels of happiness. This is part of the Mindfulness program and so we have been talking a lot about what being thankful and grateful means.

Mindfulness is an 8 week program and in week 5 students make a Mind Jar. I am not sure what this will involve yet but I am intrigued.This means every student will need a glass jar so it might be a wise idea for us to start collecting these now. So if you have one or two or maybe a few glass jars, could you please send them in to your Homebases.


This week we also had the first of our trips into town. Students spent the whole day in town playing on the big tree in the Botanic Gardens, visiting the Museum and finally taking a tour around the CBD on a tram. The tram ride was interesting as so much is changing these days. For me the best part was passing the old site and showing students the old building and then straight away moving on to the new site. The tram actually changes direction here so we spent a few minutes looking at the hole in the ground and wondering what might rise up from it.

Please remember that we have another trip next Wednesday and LA’s need to know ASAP if you are meeting us there or if your child needs transport. This week we only just got every child there. No spare seats, so if you can help next week, by transporting children from Ao Tawhiti and back please let us know. Please also note we will be MEETING AT THE BOTANIC GARDENS PLAYGROUND not the Museum as it said on the original form.

Thank You:

I need to say a huge thank you to so many people this week for supporting. We had a large number of parents come along with us on our trip so thanks to everyone for their support. Also thank you to those parents who have supported other things like Maths Literacy stations. It makes it so much easier for LA’s to focus their time and efforts on individual children and on groups of children.

Labour Day:

Just a reminder that we are closed for Labour Day this coming Monday. Closed Monday 26th October


Please please please can you pay for camp ASAP. We are still owed over $2000 for camp which is a very scary position to be in. If you need to pay this off in instalments please let us know so that we know it is being paid. There are a number of people who have not paid yet and who have not yet spoken to us about it. This means it is a bit awkward for us as we are not sure of your needs or intentions.

Thanks Kay