Junior Community News Week 1 Term 4

The Junior Community has had a great start to the term. Yesterday we had a Community day where we worked together across all the Junior Hombases. We started with some Buddy Reading. Children were invited to read one of their Browsing Box books to someone else in the Community. This was very nice to watch and lots of positive examples of children using our Core Values of Aroha and Respect.

Later in the day we had a shared lunch. We asked that the food be healthy food as we have a focus on Health this term. The spread was amazing and the colour on the table really stood out to me. Several people also commented on how calm the children were when choosing food and sitting and eating. Many children sat with their friends and adults for 20 minutes or more. Lots of adults joined us too which was also really nice.
We ended the day with about an hour of fun physical activities. The LA’s all ran a fun game or activity which the children rotated around. These included relays, skipping and water fun. At the end of the day we reflected in Homebase on how much fun being active and healthy can be. A great day.
I have offered to my Homebase and I am sure other LA’s will too, to support children to run some of these fun activities (perhaps not including water) at Morning Tea and lunch. If any parents thought they could also support this, that would be great.  I think it would be great to encourage our children to have fun being active at Morning Tea and Lunch.
Some other things that we have done this week include starting our Mindfulness course. We have a couple of very lovely tutors Ann and Neave who have worked with our guys this week. They have begun to teach us some techniques of Mindful breathing / eating and listening. The LA’s are going to continue to use and develop these techniques inbetween each session. Parents can find out more about the course from your child Journal or by coming along and participating. Mindfulness happens on Tuesday morning from 9 -11 (except the weeks we are swimming).
Yesterday afternoon we had a Junior Community Meeting. The minutes of this meeting will be posted as a separate post.
Such a busy and great first week back for me. This term is looking like such a fun term with so many great opportunities for our Tamariki. We always encourage parents to be involved and to be part of things and I thank all those people who have contributed to this week in some way. So many of the great things we do we can only do because we know so many of you guys are behind us and supporting us.
Lastly I would like to remind parents of some things we need from you. Camps Health forms need to be in by Friday please. Also payment for Camp by Friday please.  There is a form being sent out requesting information on the next two trips. Please could we have this information by Monday.
Thanks and have a great weekend.
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