Junior Community News Week 3 (29th October 2015)

A short and wet week this week but still lots of great things happening.

Cross Country

Cross country was postponed until the afternoon of Monday 2nd November. All races are run onsite so come along and support if you are free. HB Phoenix are holding a sausage sizzle as well for $2.


Mindfulness is moving onto being in the moment and noticing what is happening. Feeling our bodies and how they feel here and now. Below is a link to some of the audio tracks that we use as practice. I thought some of you might like to listen to them and even use some as practice at home. We have so far only used “Straight Back Soft Belly” and “Coming Home Bell”.



HB Kea have also been practicing some Yoga. We have just looked at it as a way of stretching our bodies and relaxing our minds. The kids seem to really like”Cosmic Kids Yoga” because they tell a story as they do the poses. Again I thought some of you might be interested in looking at these at home. Below is the link to the one we used yesterday.


Worry Bug

All children in the Junior Community have either started this program or finished it. Once they have finished it in their Homebase they will be given a copy of “Maia and the Worry Bug”. This is a lovely book that you can use as a family and keep at home.


Our trip this week was going great until the forecast showers turned into much heavier rain. We almost finished the Scavenger Hunt but had to abandon things and return to school. The return was a logistical nightmare and took about 45 mins to organise. It did highlight a few issues for us that I need to pass onto you.

  1. Many children had come to school without a car seat.
  2. Many children had come to school without a coat.
  3. It took some time to contact parents who had dropped off children.

I guess it will always be tricky to change our plans like that and I understand that making quick contact with parents is not always possible but the other two issue are completely avoidable.

Please can I remind parents that children are required to travel in a car seat if we are taking them out on a trip. The recommendation is children remain in a booster seat until they are 145 cm’s tall. If children come to school without a car seat we will have to leave one LA behind with those children. Please don’t rely on the school ones as there are on average 15 of these available and we are transporting 70 children.

Also please remember to make sure children have appropriate clothes when we are off site. This includes shoes, jersey and coat.

Our next trip is planned for November 11th. More information will follow.

Thank You

Once again thank you to the large number of parents who transported on Wednesday and who got wet with us. Also to those who have supported in the HB’s around the school and in the Makerspace.

HB Kea do have a request for help with returning our Reading Books. We have a growing box of books that need putting back. If you can help with this then maybe just pop in and Gina, Charlotte or I could show you where they are.

DSCF0491 DSCF0489 DSCF0487 IMG_2068 IMG_2069


Hopefully you received the latest email with all the details for camp. Just a reminder that if your forms etc are not completed by Friday then you may not be able to attend.

Camp is at Waipara Riverside Park (Boys Brigade) on Wednesday 4th November until Friday 6th November. I know the excitement is building in the children already.

  Thanks Kay