Junior News Week 5 (November 12th)


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to ALL of the people who made camp happen. To Nadine, Libby, Jason and Gina for all their work all year on it. Also to all the parents who helped organise activities, risk management, food and more. I am scared to name you in case I miss anyone but hopefully you know who you are. Another great camp with a really positive feel. Great camps always make me think about the memories that are being created and how these kids will look back on these things in their lives.


It is a shame this had to be cancelled today. We don’t have a new date as yet because of how busy things are right now. Hopefully we can find a time before the end of the term.


Just a reminder that swimming starts not next week but the week after.

Nest – leaves at 10.00am to swim at 10.30

Kiwi – leaves at 10.30 am to swim at 11.00

Kea – leaves at 11.00 am to swim at 11.30

Week 7 Mon 23rd Nov and Tues 24th Nov

Week 8 Everyday 30th Nov – 4th Dec


All children have been put in workshops now. An email was sent by the Office today with all the details. I will attached it again at the bottom of this message. If for any reason your child is not listed get back to me and I will find out what’s happened.


This week one of our tutors is away so I will only the Year 3’s will have a lesson. Nadine, Jason and I will have the years 0-2 as normal in our Homebases. We will be making our Mind Jars sometime this week as well. We are still short a number of jars. If you have more or you still have to send your jar can we collect them on Monday. Ideally with the labels off. I know Kea still need another 10 jars.

Calendars and Diaries etc

If you ordered one of these they have arrived. Please see one of your HB LA’s if you have some to collect.

Final Trip Weds 16th November to Spencer Park

The Junior Community (yr1-3) has one final trip coming up. We are going to Spencer Park for the day. The plan includes having BBQ burgers created by a Healthy Food group.

We have chartered a bus from school and back. We will send the van behind the bus in case of emergencies but hopefully won’t need parent cars. The bus can take 60 children and a few adults standing. This means will will need some people to meet us there and be parent support for the day. Please can you either return the below form or email your LA’s with the information on the form. We need this by Monday please.

Have a lovely long weekend


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