Junior News Week 6 (Thursday 19th November)

Junior News Week 6 (Thursday 19th November)

Week six seems to be flying by as does the term. LA’s and students have been exploring lots to do with the Health theme and we have started to see students move to the ‘create’ part of their projects. Staff have this year been a Learning Framework for inquiry that involves ‘Collect, Connect and Create’. It is always exciting to see things culminate and see what can be produced. This week we had a group feed the whole Junior Community which was brilliant.

Spencer Park Trip

This was the last of our planned Community Trips. We had such fun hiring a bus and making an adventure of it. The weather held up and the day was just great. Kids had so much fun just hanging out as a large group and playing on the fabulous playground their. A group of kids from HB Kea had planned the food. They had carried out some research on how to make burgers as healthy as you could and then collectively designed one. We even looked at natural flavours like herbs from our garden versus E additives and flavours. Then this week we went to New World to buy all the ingredients and spent an hour or so chopping, chopping and mixing. The end result was really rewarding for the LA’s and students. So many people gave positive feedback about the flavours and we even got asked for the recipe!!

Community Lunch 2nd Dec and Parents Dinner 9th Dec

We have a shared lunch planned for Weds 2nd December. This will be an onsite Community day. As for the Parents Dinner we are still working on the finer details for this but we have planned it for Wednesday 9th December. More info is to come.


Just a reminder that Swimming starts on  Monday. Students will need a hat and good shoes to walk to swimming. Each HB still needs some more parent help so please ask them when and how, if you are able to support this.


Another reminder that PINs starts this Wednesday and runs through until Friday. If you haven’t had the opportunity or confidence to offer a PINs yet but think you might like to in the future, please come in and work alongside any of the LA’s or other parents. Help from other parents always makes the workshops better and gives students more opportunities. It also gives parents the chance to see what is involved.

Wishes / dreams Bunitin

As a Community we are working some paper bunting that has our wishes and dreams for the future on. We had planned to do this and leave it on the fence at our new site, however the last trip there was cancelled due to the weather. So I was wondering if any parents would like to take some children on a quick trip to the site to tie on the buntin. This could be anytime and involve just a couple of children and one parent or many children and several parents. If you are interested and could help transport for this could you please email me directly. kay.h@discvovery1.school.nz

Homebase Selection

My final reminder is that you as a family have an opportunity to fill in a Homebase selection form for 2016. This needs to be in Friday 27th November.photo copy photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5 photo-6 photo-7 photo-8 photo-9 photo