Kay’s Community Blues Skies Camp 28th and 29th March

2 March 2018

Dear Parent / Caregiver

We have organised a fun camp to Blue Skies Conference and Training Centre in Kaiapoi for the purpose of community building.  It will run overnight from Wednesday 28th March to Thursday 29th March. We really hope that lots of you can join us. However, students can attend the camp on their own and parents are welcome to join us in the evening but not stay the night.

Blue Skies has lots of activities available including swimming, a flying fox and a challenge course. We will also be organising some games and activities to bring people together. We are working on simple menu ideas and we ask that everyone brings some baking and fruit to share. We will meet at Blue Skies at 10 am on the Wednesday and leave around 2 pm on the Thursday.  You need to make your own way there and back.  However, for those who will find this difficult, we hope some parents who have completed the parental approval process may be able to take an extra one or two students.  We may also have use of the school van. Please contact your Homebase LA if you need support with this.

The cost will be $50 per person. This will include all accommodation, food and activities costs. This MUST be paid before the trip. If this is a concern, please contact your Homebase Learning Advisor or Jill Legg in accounts.

The camp will involve a variety of fun, physical activities (including swimming) as well a team building activities. There are risks associated with these so please ensure your child is up for the challenge and is equipped with appropriate equipment and clothing.

We need to know numbers now so please follow this link to provide the details needed:

Blues Skies Camp form

We will continue to provide updates as more aspects of the camp firm up.


Kay Hayes

Kate Armour

Ian Hayes

Zac Williams

Steve Hunt