Kay’s Community News Week 4/5

Kay’s Community Newsletter Week 4 2019

Athletics Day

This coming Weds the whole school will be at Nga Puna Wai. This is the new athletics venue in Christchurch. Students need to make their own way there and back. The day is a fun whole school event and is focussed both on competitive events leading to Zones and fun participation events. All students are encouraged to take part in at least two events. Each community has been given a colour and prizes are given to the best dressed student and community. We are YELLOW. I have attached some more information. Including the address and venue map.

PINs – Passions Interests and Needs

This term we have PINs happening in a few different ways. PINs is a slot in the week on a Weds in L2L time (black block). Currently the workshops are being run by students in our community but very soon we are opening this up ato the whole of the Unlimited Campus. This means Staff and parents will be offering workshops as well. If you have a workshop to offer could follow the below link:

PINS (week 7-11) Term 1

CBD Day Tuesday 5th March

We also have a whole day in the CBD which will operate as a PINs day. This is on Tuesday 5th March. We are hoping that students and families can use this as a day to practice travelling to and from the CBD and to familiarise themselves with our new location. All students need to make their choices for this PINs on this google form:

CBD PINs Tuesday 5th March

Message From Jasper

Hello . I am Jasper and I want to make a PINS workshop. In my workshop I will teach people how to make a terrarium. I am stuck on two things though. Where will I get the plants and jars. So I am asking for some tropical plants that do not need any air circulation, and jars up to 20 cm wide. this would be an amazing opportunity for students to learn about gardening and hopefully will care for nature more, having a little part of it in their home. thanks.

Image result for jar terrarium