Kay’s Community Newsletter 10th march 2017

Kay’s Community Newsletter 10th march 2017


All forms should be returned by now. We need to start to put together numbers, transport and food information. Also please note that camp must be paid for before we go.

Please chat to your LA ASAP if you have not returned the forms. Ideally all students will come on camp but if somebody is not then they need to make arrangements to be with another Homebase LA or complete Off Site Learning forms. Again please chat to your LA about this ASAP.

Timetable 1.2

The next round of courses starts on Monday. Students should have chosen their courses with their HBLA by then.

NZ Opera

We have the fantastic opportunity to watch a short version of the comic opera Don Pasquale. This will be performed by members of the NZ Opera for us in the Jack Mann on Weds 15th March at 9.30. A charge of $5 will be added to all students accounts to cover the costs.

This is a brief synopsis written by the director Jacqueline Coats for us:

We meet Mr Donald Pasquale, a rich bachelor, at home on his large farm. He wants his sole heir, his nephew, Ernesto, to marry the woman he has chosen for him, but Ernesto is refusing to play ball – he has fallen in love with a local girl, Norina. His uncle is appalled, as he thinks Norina only wants to be with Ernesto for his money. So, Pasquale decides to get married himself and cut Ernesto off.

Not wanting true love to lose out, Pasquale’s doctor (and Ernesto and Norina’s friend), Gordon Malatesta, devises a plan to trick Pasquale into letting Ernesto marry Norina and keep his inheritance.

What ensues is a hilarious tale that sees this stuck-in-his-ways bachelor pitted up against young love in a truly farcical fashion. Set in the New Zealand countryside, Donizetti’s classic comedy has been adapted especially for Kiwi kids – a perfect introduction for young students to the world of opera.

Community COL’s – Term 1 Friday 24th March 9.15

We are doing some thinking about this for terms 2,3 and 4. We are looking at the idea of having themed showcase such as The Arts. If you have any ideas about how we could do things a bit differently please send me an email. This term we have book in Friday 24th March (week 8) from 9.15. Anyone is welcome to come along and see what students have been doing.