Kay’s Community Newsletter 11th May

Kay’s Community News Letter. 11th May

Impact Projects Update

Below is a really brief update on the Impact Projects that have started to get of the ground. I am still added some information so it isn’t complete. Next week we have a parent Danielle who has offered her time to come in and work with the Otakaro Hoarding Group on a Tuesday morning and we would love other parents to connect with students and support these projects.  We also have Susie who is helping the Otakaro Events Group with some off site learning trips to connect them beyond the classroom.

You don’t need to be an expert on the subject or skilful with behaviour management,  LA’s will be around it is just great to have an adult helping students compete the tasks they have set themselves. If you have anytime on a Tuesday or Thursday morning please let me know.

Group Project name

Brief Description


Party for Cancer

Planning a disco and other events to raise money for Cancer Research

Ruby (KAY), Livy (KAY)

W C Crafts

Arts and Crafts with a theme of Matariki.

Whatuariki (KAY) and Charlotte (KAY)

Otakaro Hoarding Project

Creating a collaborative 30m piece of art to wrap around the new building site.

Punahikoia (IANH), Fern  (IANH), Sarah C (IANH)

Otakaro Events Group

Creating a 1920’s themed social event to raise awareness and money for the Otakaro Orchard.

Bella (KATA), Lulu(KAY) and Molly (KAY)

Otakaro Events Costumes

Creating the costumes for the Oatakaro Groups 1920’s event.

Rosie (KAY)

Salvation Army

Experiencing life as a homeless person including sleeping in a cardboard box to raise money for the homeless.

Martus (STEH), Emily (IANH)

School video advertisement

Create a TV commercial to advertise Ao Tawhiti and what it’s all about.

Lewis (ZACW), Brittany (ZACW), Derrin (ZACW)

Making reusable bags

Making tote bags from new and used materials to sell.

Lana (ZACW), Cammie (KATA) , Kaia (IANH)

Mindstorms teaching

Teaching year 5 and 6 students at Kirwee school Lego Mindstorms.

Ness (STEH), Avery (KAYH), Aidan (ZACW), Isaac (IANH), Hadley (IANH)

Green Bags

To encourage all members of the Ao Tawhiti community to not use single use plastic bags by supplying reusable bags.

Bike Trip +

Planning trips that are off site and involve being physically active. Bike trip, QE11 trip, Ski Trip

Harrison (STEH), Steven (STEH) and Evan (KAY)

Vegie Group

Increasing students and others awareness the impact on animals of our food industry. Encouraging vegetarianism and creating a vegetari

Zadie (KAY), Juvnne (KAY), Jaye (KATA)

Magic Competition

Josh (STEH), Ben M-S (STEH)

Wolf Project

Shay (KATA) and Ivy (KATA)

Group Project name

Brief Description



Emily Darragh (KATA), Emilie (KATA)

P.E and Sport at D1

Logan (STEH), Joey (STEH), Lucas (STEH)

Cushions for Tanzania

Ceri (ZACW), Alani (KATA)

River health and clean-up

Chumani (ZACW), Ngaire (KATA)

Individual Project name

Brief Description


Coding a linguistics discussion website

Programming website to create a discussion forum online with the purpose of discussing linguistics

George H-W (ZACW)

A Villains Story

Running a student writing group focussed on writing stories from a Villian’s perspective.

Naima (KAY)

Thinkables and Unthinkables

Create beads for people to use to help them express Thinkables and Unthinkables

Charlotte (KAYH)

Story Competition

Kyle (STEH)

SPCA – Toys and blankets

Ryan (STEH)

Luka (ZACW)


Jasper (KATA)

Create a Board Game

Romane (KATA)


Liam (STEH)

Creative writing

Corben (ZACW)

History of video game consoles

Adam (ZACW)


Neith (KATA)

Nathan’s Enviro Projects

Nathan (KATA)

Making Music

Peter (STEH)

Shark Awareness

Stormy (KATA)

Making Reusable Bags needs your help…….

Hi everyone, a group of students are doing an impact project where they will be making and selling reusable bags. The money they earn will go towards the Child Cancer Foundation. They will be needing some fabric to make the bags. If there is anyone who has any pillowcases or old t-shirts or spare fabric lying around that they are not using could you please drop it off at Kay’s Community or the office.

Thanks, the Reusable Bag team.

Open Nights

This term we have two Open nights for prospective  families to come and have a look. These are being held at the Unlimited Campus on Monday 14th May and Tuesday 29th May.

Trust Licences

It has been really exciting to have given out approximately 10 Restricted Trust Licences this week and probably another 15 on Monday. These students will soon be given a card that shows they have a Trust Licence.