Kay’s Community Newsletter October 19th

Kay’s Community Newsletter October 19th

Parent Led Workshops

These kicked off this week and it was such a pleasure to see and be part of. Thank you so much to our first 6 parents who have been brave enough to kick this off. I am fairly sure, but also really hopeful, that you all got something out of it and I know for a fact that our students did. All the LA’s in our community are extremely passionate about our Guiding Principals and it is lovely to walk around it in action and to think how lucky we all are to be a part of this. Personally I found myself in the learning and I love how Parent Led Workshops bring new and different learning to the day. I am planning on getting some photos and writing a little more about what is happening in next weeks newsletter.

We need to start collecting workshops for the next block of the term. Can you please use the below form to sign up. Parents can run a one off or multiple sessions.

Parent Led Workshops 2

Freestyle Footbag – Hacky Sacks

Today we were really lucky to have Phil Morrison visit and show students that using movement to improve health and well being can be done in many ways. He showed students Freestyle Footbag skills (hacky sack). He was fantastic and hopefully he will have inspired a number of students.  He has left some hacky sacks behind that can be purchased from the office for $10. They will only be there until the end of next week so don’t wait if your child wants to learn Freestyle Footbag.

Motukarara Fireworks Saturday November 3rd Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to help raise money for Ao Tawhiti Projects next year. The money will form a fund that students can pitch to have. A bit like Dragon’s Den. This will hopefully enable students to be able to run with there projects quickly and gain resources that they need to get going.

Motukarara Volunteers

A + P Show Community Trip

After checking interest with the community we have purchased 40 student tickets for the show. We will be going as a community group for the day on the Thursday 15th November. Please can you complete the below form letting us know if your child does or doesn’t want a ticket. We have to pay for the tickets either way so we will on sell them if need be. Therefore please can you complete this form ASAP.

A+P show tickets

Summer Writing Workshops Opportunity

We are excited to open registrations for 

Summer Writing School for Teens, 2019

Christchurch, January 14-18, 2019

A whole week of writing and learning and laughing!

Each summer, young writers from across the country gather at Hagley College in Christchurch to work alongside award-winning writers in pen-to-page workshops.

You get to select four day-long workshops to follow your passion or add to your writing repertoire. On day five you benefit from 1:1 mentor time to redraft your pieces and share in a celebration of a community of writers.

Workshop options will include: song lyrics, comedy writing, poetry forms and skills, flash fiction, fantasy world-building, creative non-fiction, spoken word, kick-starting a novella…

Our tutors include award-winning writers and performers: James Norcliffe, Frankie McMillan, Lisa Tui Jonathan, Gail Ingram, Jeff Clark, Heather McQuillan, Melanie Dixon and Jess Fiebig.

Please note this is not a residential course. Participants must organise their own accommodation and food.
Go to:  https://www.schoolforyoungwriters.org/summer-writing-school
 for details and registration form

The School for Young Writers

“Inspiring Young Writers – since 1993”