Kay’s Community Newsletter Sunday 18th November

Kay’s Community Newsletter Sunday 18th November

End of Year

It is hard to believe but the end of the year is fast approaching. The plan is to spend the last two days of tears in town. It is traditional for us to spend the last day of term (Friday 14th Dec) in the Botanic Gardens. Families often come and everyone is welcome. This is a nice end to the year to be together as one school. More information will be going out to the whole school sometime soon.

We are planning to have our last Community Day in town as well. Thursday 13th Dec. We are busy planning an Amazing Race for part of it as well as shared lunch and more. We would love lots of parents involved and in fact we need some to go on the race as well. I will be asking HBLA’s to send an email out soon asking for helpers. Hopefully there are lots of you who can join us for some fun before school finishes.

Cookie Time Christmas Cookies

We are running this fundraiser again this year although it is slightly different. This year for $20 you get a great square tin full of 600g of cookies and a $5 voucher for Killinchy Gold Ice Cream. The school gets $5 from every tin sold. Last year we made the lots of money from parents taking order forms to their work places and getting orders. I will attach a copy of the order form below. Orders need to be returned with the money by Tuesday 4th December.

Agricultural Show

Thank you to Ellie Stephenson, Rose Hubble and Archie Sewell for coming with us as Student Leaders. If your child went to the show there will be a charge of $6 on their accounts.

School Charges / Fees

Just a reminder about these. If you haven’t thought about paying your school charges lately it would be great if your able to clear this fairly soon. This will enable us to know who much money we have left to spend on our community day. Unpaid charges sit against our community as an expense so we can’t use that money until it is paid. School donations are optional.