Last Community Meeting Minutes

Thanks everyone for making to your last Community Meeting of 2015. Yay, what a fabulous year it has been.
The junior school  are off campus on Wednesdays.  Bella Duff’s grand-dad popped in and asked to run a puppet making workshop.  This inspired a class-wide student led workshop initiative on wednesdays.  The marionettes have been really cool and very popular. The group instantly filled up so there is a need for more of this in the future.  Today the students offered athletics, halloween decorations, puppets, dancing, book club, making magic the gathering cards.  It has been a really lovely couple of afternoons.  Mel would love to see more of this happening.  If parents are keen to run a one-off workshop for half an hour on a Wednesday, we’d love to have you.  You have access to any of the supplies and resources at the school.  We can order things within a week if your workshop had specific needs.  Small groups, and you can limit the number of kids.  Workshops are after lunch on Wednesday for slightly less than an hour.  40 minutes seems to be about the ideal length before attentions wane.  Mel and Melva are very pleased with how it has been working.
Parental involvement:
 As the year progresses, parental involvement really drops off.  The parental involvement really adds to the vibe and health of the classroom. It often makes the difference in how much depth a student will explore in their inquiry.  Parents are welcome and requested to spend as much time as they can in the hb, and not to feel that this time has to be spent with your own child.
Flipped schedule:
This term the schedule is flipped and maths has been moved to afternoons. This is been very successful, and has led to kids asking for additional maths activities after the lessons.  An interesting observation from Melva is that now clock times are almost instant for the kids to make, but struggle with reading the same time if someone else sets the time and asks them to identify them.
Inquiries: Inquiries have been moved to mornings, when the kids are fresher so they are at their best to do their most important personal learning journeys, (and hopefully that a morning start may inspire parents to stay a bit and help out. )
It was interesting in recent report writing and in developing deeper thinking in the compare and contrast charts children are coming to terms with the realisation that often their fact finding is very surface thinking. This has lead to situations where kids are stopping mid way through these thinking activities to dig deeper in research.
Maths: One of the parents remarked that the maths groups in the afternoon are remarkably focused.  Possibly due to having a more “directed” activity in the afternoons is easier than self direction when kids are tireder?  Several parents affirmed the afternoon as a great time for routined tasks.
Cross Country:  Dean is desperate for helpers to have people give him a hand on November 12th after lunch.  He needs people for a variety of tasks on the day.  ALSO, there is a fundraising component to the cross country, with prizes given to the kids for different donation levels.
Skipping class:  Mel and Melva are away next Wednesday. Dean and a reliever will cover the day.  They are flying out  to Auckland to look at a Hobsonville Point Primary  with a modern learning environment.  They are going to examine what we are doing similar and different and get an idea of how we might re-think how we approach our new school space.
Pencils:  We are desperately short of pencils.  The cheap ones shatter the leads and become useless to sharpen, so a small number of good pencils work out better than heaps of flimsy ones.  In addition to new pencil donations, One of the parents suggested we all have a chat to our kids about the ecology and conservation and wastefulness of being careless with class resources.
Swimming:  Swimming is week 7 and 8. We are swimming at 11:30 to 12:30.  On the 23rd of november (first day of swimming) we will need transport to Oaklands primary to go to a science fair.  Science fair in the morning, then swimming then mindfulness in the afternoon, followed by passing out in the car on the way home. (Note this was thoughts from Andrew our note taker 🙂 Melva)
Year ^ kids and moving to the other site:
Term 4.2:  At the other campus, all terms are split in two.  When 4.2 (second half of this term, starting 2nd november) starts, the year 6 kids will be attending workshops at the other campus and will need transport. At the same time, the year 3s will join workshops in HB phoenix.  The other campus is biding their time in making workshops, but info will be mailed out as soon as determined.      There are some other cross-pollination things in play where some year 3 will be spending some time in our hb. Larissa and Claire O are offering 4.2 workshops at the other campus/community garden.    When we actually look at what 4.2 looks like, we will have a better idea of how to manage and transport.   “We’ll just have to run with what we can do and that is our reality.”
Dolphin stuff:  The cruise is on the Thursday of camp.  We are really short on people who had put their hand up to be on the dolphin cruise.  (One parent postulated this was written on an email years ago and hidden in a locked cabinet in an unused lavatory guarded by a leopard.)  Thanks to confusion, a new email will be sent out asking for numbers.  The dolphin cruise has agreed to put on a special cruise just for our group, with 99 seats, but we need to know exact numbers to find out if it will happen.  The price has dropped to $27 per person, (from $76) so its a great opportunity and we encourage everyone interested to sign up.  With the fundraising we are doing, it could be considerably less expensive. The cruise is a couple hours.
Camp:  There is a swimming pool, but needs to have a 1:4 ratio.  We’ve done a RAM for the beach, so people could be signed out and go to the beach as a group.  Melva will write a RAM for the giant’s house and museum so people could sign out and take groups (1:8 ratio).  Camp will ramp up approximately lunchtime on Wednesday. There will only be 2 shared meals so there is less pressure and so people have the time to spend quality family and community time.
Fundraising: Andrew is running the Motukarara Fireworks evening on November 7th. HB Phoenix will be manning the bouncy castle and selling led trinkets.  Andrew is offering any kids who wish to have a “makers stall” of any kind to please do.  If we do the fundraising that Kelly has been planning, we could potentially pay the full cost of the dolphin cruise.
Handwriting:  The parents supporting handwriting have struggled to make time.  There will be a renewed focus next term.
Cindy Ria
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