La Découverte French-English Programme

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery runs La Découverte, a bilingual French- English programme for francophone year 1 – 6 students.

La Découverte was set up in 2016 as a partnership between Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery, Frenz School Inc. and a committee of local parents. It is the first and only French-English bilingual school programme in the South Island.

How the programme works

Children learn fully in French for 3 days each week and in English for the remaining two. Classes follow the NZ primary school curriculum. The class is split into mixed age groups (Year 1-4) and follows a specific programme and uses resources that are specifically adapted. The goal is that at the end of year 6 the students can fluently speak, write and read in both French and English.

This programme provides:

  • Fluent French speaking teachers with an excellent teacher/pupil ratio
  • Other activities in French (e.g. after school programme and trips to New Caledonia)
  • French teaching resources and library books
  • An easy transition to the French educational system for those that require it.

Entrance Requirements

Children that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for this programme:

  • They can understand French (no English is spoken during the French immersion times), and there is a French speaking parent or caregiver available to support the child at home
  • The child is accepted into Ao Tawhiti school. Child & parents are expected to adhere to the guiding principles & core values of the school


  • Standard school donation paid directly to Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery (currently: $175/year/child)
  • FRENZ programme donation: $500/year/child
  • FRENZ membership: $40/year per family (includes access to the French library, after school programme and gives voting rights)

About Frenz

Frenz School Inc. is a charitably society whose goal is to promote bilingual French-English education in New Zealand. It is operated by a group of parents who provide support to the school and the children in the bilingual programmes. Students in the programme are part of a NZ school and they learn the NZ curriculum in both French and English.

Bilingual Education Benefits

Bilingualism provides a wide range of advantages including social, cultural, employment and economic.

In the bilingual programme your child will develop a lasting bond with the language, the culture and other bilingual children.


For further information about this programme please contact: Florian Maisonneuve,

Download La Decouverte brochure

Download Frenz membership application form

Download La Decouverte enrolment pack