Minutes from Junior Community Meeting Weds 14th Oct

Junior Community Meeting Minutes




Need forms and money in ASAP

Food group meeting next wed, 3:15

Activities and /or ideas from Parents, please let Jason know. Bikes and water slide and flying fox cost. Not sure about bikes. Activities not compulsory but are pre paid by families already.

Can activities be off site? – Yes but RAMs and paperwork need to be filled in PRIOR to camp.  Kay is able to sign of spontaneous trips if you do the paperwork on camp and they are LOW risk activities.

Do we need to bring extra money for activities – No.

Health Forms need to come back – very important, back by Friday PLEASE!


Inquiry in home bases a change this term. We are creating community activities to do in individual hbs and together including trips on Wednesdays.

Wed 21st Oct – Museum, garden, tram. All day, leaving at around 9:30, 10 at Museum , leave town at 2 and back to school.

Wed 28th  – back to park but different activities, games and physical activities.

Parents please sign up to let us know if you can support these activities – sign sheets in meeting or e-mail your LA.

Cost will be minimal, we are trying hard to keep costs down and/or free.

Bus kids, possibly could wait at the bus stop then walk to the park and meet us there.


A programme running in the Junior School this term, not every child involved (mainly from the nest).

Journals are given to the kids. Listening, Breathing, Focus, mindful eating. Practice exercises.

Used in Home bases to focus and for calm.

Every Tuesday at 9am or 10am for 8 weeks. Parents welcome but participate, not just observe. Weeks 7 and 8 it will be after lunch.


Healthy bodies healthy minds and healthy communities the focus across the Junior Community but done in own hbs. If parents have any ideas to share, please do so. Trying to make it child led and identify areas where we will go with this inquiry.

Please let us know if you would like to support inquiry with cool ideas or activities.

Home base time tables will be sent out weekly as every week this term is different. Inquiry times are on the timetables.

COL – End of year

Dec 4th Halswell Community Centre. 6pm

Committee of parents needed to help set up and organize the special COL.

Let Gina know if you are able to help.

Open Night and Pool Party happening on the same night so could be busy and fun.

No shared dinner that night.

Bellbird Walk

Walk planned for the 14tth of Dec. Bell bird cordoned off due to a fire so location may change. We will still have the walk and picnic. Please let Libby know if you have any ideas for an alternative location.

Junior Community Dinner

As part of our health eating focus we want to have a family dinner where children invite parents and cook for them, (buffet style). Date TBC around 9th DEc


Please see timetable in your home base where you can also sign up to support swimming, (walking to and from the pool).

Website – check for information on swimming and other activities coming up this term.

Bike track

Crusher dust ready to shovel onto the track if anyone is keen.

Maker Space

Resources and materials for kids to come and use to create.. Not sure when as yet.

No agenda for making, Maker Movement happening in America.

Re-gen Lab – use recycling.

Breaker Space – look inside things and pull things apart.

Fab Lab – fabrication lab, techie

Smart Art Space – to create art works.

Flexible and use for variety of purposes. Not static and for Everybody.

Supervision? Can parents commit to a roster? Tali will be there on Fridays.

Booking sheet in office for the space.

Couple of books in Office.

Links into core values and NZ Curriculum.

Ideas for space use – a discussion proposed.

A busy term ahead!