Newsletter Week 1 May 12th 2017

Impact Projects

This term we have begun Impacts Projects. This is project / inquiry based learning with 4 key principals. 1. Student Ownership and Agency, a project that is based on students passions or interests. It is student driven and student lead. 2. Learning Beyond the Classroom, a project that takes you beyond the limits of the school. 3.

A quality Outcome, a project that produces excellent quality outcomes / product. 4. Participating and Contributing, a project that impacts beyond you as an individual. One that leaves a positive mark on the world. 

 As LA’s our goal is to help scaffold and support inquiries that have a satisfying outcome, one that leaves a mark and one that challenges us to improve our Key Competencies.  

This week has been a hive of activity. Students are busy trying to figure out who to work with and whether or not their idea will be viable. Next week we are hoping that some students will be ready to pitch their idea to the community. From my perspective it is fabulous to see and feel the buzz about the place. The ideas on the table are so diverse and interesting and I can’t wait to see the impact they will have on the students themselves and maybe some others. 

To give you some idea of the projects being consider we have Foxbox a box of food for families to cook a meal from, Imposter a spy themed fun fundraising night for Otakaro Orchard, a photography course going around town in a minibus taking photos and learning photography skills, tuck shop and many others. Watch this space!!

Carmen Dress Rehearsal

We have the opportunity to see the dress rehearsal of NZOpera Carmen. Please let me know if you would like a ticket for your child. Child tickets are $10. We can take one adult per 10 children at a cost of $25. Please email me on

From Anna Hoetjes NZOpera

I am touching base about the Dress Rehearsal for our upcoming production of Bizet’s tantalizing French opera Carmen on Tuesday 11 July, 6.30pm at the Isaac Theatre Royal. As is custom, we are inviting school groups to experience first-hand the power of opera – this is a great opportunity to introduce students to opera who may have never seen this exciting art form live before, as well as an offer to those students who may already be fans. Dress rehearsal tickets are offered for just $10.00 (with limited special offer tickets to accompanying teachers/parents – conditions apply).

Australian Maths Competition

Could anyone wanting to do the Australian Maths Competition on 27 July please contact Ino.  You want to be reasonably good at Maths.  It’s a multi choice exam lasting just over an hour and is available for all levels from year 4 to year 13.  Costs about $7 per student.  Entry closes next week.

Thanks, Ino

Chess Club

Ine Maro is organising a chess club for every Wednesday lunchtime in Ino’s room (S6).

Come along, even if you’re a beginner. We will have a few boards going at a time.