Passions – Interests – Needs (PINS)… Year 1-10

PINS is an amazing opportunity for us to connect as a community. For everyone to be a learner and everyone to be a teacher, from Year 1 to Year 10.

PINS provides an opportunity for Parents, Students and Learning Advisors to run workshops that are driven from their passions or interests or that they have identified meets the needs of our Ao Tawhiti students. At the heart of PINS is our community connecting and engaging in fun, inspiring and meaningful learning opportunities.

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Important information for running a workshop

In Term 4 PINS will be running on Wednesdays from 12.30pm – 2.30pm (2 hours). Each PINS option will run for 5 weeks. The timeline information below provides further details as to the key dates for the process. Term 4 workshops will only be run for our Year 1 – 10 students at our senior students are on exam leave.

Learning advisors will offer workshops that can cater for up to 25 students. We do not expect this from our Parents and Students. We will ask you indicate how many students you are comfortable to work with and limit numbers accordingly. We are trying to use this time to develop connections across our community and as much as possible we’d love workshops offered that are suitable for students from a wide range of year levels. However, we recognise this is not always practical and you will be able to indicate who the workshop is suitable for.

If you are wanting to take students off site: that’s great! We really encourage this. If you do chose to do this you will need to make sure that it meets our risk management requirements.

For detailed information on EOTC at Ao Tawhiti click here.

While we will endeavor to place students in their first choice of PINS option, however, it will not always possible to do so. For this reason we will ask students to make 3 selections. As spaces are limited once an option is full it will be removed as a possible selection. The earlier a student makes their selections the more likely they are to get their first choice.

If you are new to the community or new to running workshops and you’re not confident, yet, to run one by yourself but would like to pair up with someone more experienced complete this form and we can help you out.

2019 PINS Timeline

To prepare for pins there are a series of deadlines that need to be met. These deadlines are important as it allows us time to share with our students what is on, where it is on and ultimately what option they are in.

Term 4 PINS Timeline

  • Friday October 11 any parent, LA or student led workshops are to be submitted using this form.
  • Tuesday October 15 PINS options and descriptors will be shared with students.
  • By Wednesday October 30 students are to have made their selections using a form that will be shared with them in homebase.
  • Friday November 1 PINS workshop groups will be released.
  • Wednesday November 6, 13, 20, 27 & December 4 Term 4 PINS workshops (12.30pm – 2:30pm).


Keen to be involved but stuck for an idea check out this list of suggestions from our students….

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