Property Announcement from the Board of Trustees

Last week, the Board requested that representatives from the Ministry of Education attend yesterday’s Board Meeting.  This meeting was called as we were concerned by the lack of visible progress on the site. At last night’s meeting, the representatives from the Ministry of Education informed us that they had made the decision to end their involvement with our previously announced CBD site.  The Ministry also announced their intention to instead find and purchase land to build the school on.  They were unable to provide a timeline, site announcement or any more formal information.

We are absolutely devastated by this news and the impact this will have on our students, families and staff.  This change will almost certainly bring with it additional delays and more time on our temporary campuses.  We had been so excited about the prospect of moving back to the CBD early next year, bringing our students together on one campus, and getting back to being a truly city based school that can easily access all of the resources that Christchurch has to offer.

The Board has requested that the Ministry return to the March Board meeting with a clear timeframe for delivery of this build.  We will immediately share this information with you. 

We would also like to invite all of the Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery community to a forum about our property situation on Wednesday 24 February at 7pm at the Unlimited Campus.  This meeting will allow you to ask any questions that you may have.  We have requested that the Ministry attends this meeting as we feel it is important that you can ask them your questions directly.

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery Board of Trustees