Te Taura meeting minutes

Thanks to everyone who made it to our first Te Taura meeting for 2019. Here are the minutes from that meeting. Next meeting will be at 7pm at a venue yet to be decided. All welcome.

Meeting began 9.10 in the Shared Space
Present – Niki, Kelly, Jess, Richard, Sahni, Kate, Kata, Mireia, Lindsay, Hamish, Alix, Vanessa, Amie
Thanks for all of the apologies – we understand it is tricky while we are on 2 sites.

Catch up, Welcomes, Farewells.

We introduced ourselves, welcomed new people and farewelled parents whose children no longer attend ATUD

What do we do?

Anything community based, welfare, fundraising, events. If anyone can think of anything else we can do, please let us know

Families in need

One of our services is offering food (breakfast, lunches, dinners – in pastoral care freezer) to families in need, also lifts. We discussed a form that will come out so families can have contacts of people in/ near their suburbs for lifts/ emergencies etc. We will create a permission form for parents to complete asking if they’d like to be part of a HB friendship list too. If a number is not on the list, please approach HBLA who will act as an intermediary

Community event

Last term’s 1-13 community night at Flip Out was a huge success. With the busyness of this term, we will make our poroporake (farewell) of both sites the community event for term 1. Suggestions so far – masquerade ball/ garden party. Details to be confirmed


Total amount raised from Flip Out $496.30

Amount in the Pastoral care pot – unable to find out exact amount, but it is healthy!
No consensus was reached as to chocolate…Some responses please would be good to Claire’s email: There is an offer of buy 102 boxes of 36 bars get 4 boxes free…….buy now ready for Term 2?  Not do it at all as we are a healthy eating school?  It wasn’t a bad earner last time and easy to sell.


Last year Jess and Krystal collected donated fruit from New World Wigram. Can anybody offer to be responsible for term 1? Half to go out on a Monday, the rest when it needs topping up.

Vanessa requested a workshop for parents on setting goals in IEMs, Niki will fix a date/ location for this.

We were asked whether parents could sit in on 1:1s. Approach your child’s HBLA to set a time for maybe an additional one. These are a good opportunity for kids to reflect on and set goals, build relationships with LAs and begin to lead their learning.

Thanks for taking part in my unrelated survey about reporting to parents.
Next meeting will be a 7pm one, hopefully in town somewhere. Any ideas for a venue with good acoustics and room for us?

Meeting closed at 9.45