Waka Ama Years 9-13

When: Saturday 9th March, 8:30 – 1:00pm
Where: Lake Roto Kohatu, Sawyers Arms Road
What: A fulfilled day to either try a new sport or help encourage others to give it a go! You’ll get to compete against school teams from all over Canterbury
Who: Teams of either male/female/mixed, years 9-10 or years 11-13 made up of 5 people
Cost: $25 which includes the trainings and all gear

Miriam will be attending the event as well as supporting the training sessions. These training sessions are compulsory and a part of the entry. Please make sure you check these days/times before returning the form. Forms can be collected from me and need to be returned by Monday 4th March.

Any further information please contact me any time.

Sports Coordinator – Years 7-13
E: kelsey.berryman@aotawhiti.school.nz < mailto:kelsey.berryman@aotawhiti.school.nz>