Week 6 1-3 Community News

I cannot believe we have had six weeks of school except when I look at the amazing amount the children (and staff) have achieved.

HB Fancy Chicken have already had their camp for the year at Wainui which was a great success. The children involved themselves in a range of activities under a fabulous summer sun. A huge thanks to Libby and Gina who pulled off this great feat in such a short timeframe.

Many children in HB Fancy Chicken are well underway with their individual inquiries – for some this is their first time. Today at our community COL we had Archie share his poster and book about WW1, Delia show her houses and Theo J entertained us with a fantastic track he has laid down using the app Garageband.

In HB Kiwi we have been enjoying looking at bugs and exploring their habitats. Last week we put together a mini worm farm which is inhabited by four worms: Sparkle, Rose, Petal and Wriggle. We had Robinne Weiss come and lead us in a worm finding exploration and are looking forward to Logan White sharing his ant inquiry with us next week with a view to creating our own ant farm. Emma has provided us with a new creature to explore next week – secret sorry!

It has been fabulous to see many of our students step up and lead child-led workshops on Friday afternoons. Many of these workshops have been very successful due to good planning, a clear idea and all participants joining in enthusiastically. One of our guiding principles is “Everyone’s a teacher, everyone’s a learner.” I love seeing this lived out during these afternoons (as well as at other times).

La Decouverte have been getting to know each other and our special character, as well as exploring their learning in French. The children are very forgiving when I try out my limited French, and are willing to help me improve. On Wednesday to Friday these children share lunch together and help clean up after the meal.

Today we had a visit from Kim from the Library. She brought books of interest to read to the children and introduce to them. Kim has also left us some posters about the Science Alive after school programme which operates from the library. You may want to check this out for any budding scientists!

A couple of reminders – please remember fruit for our fruit bowls and hats for the children. No swimming for the next two weeks.

Finally – please consider how you can help in the homebases over the next few weeks. We do have a number of ways you can support children in the homebase or staff with a myriad of tasks. I hope to have compiled a user-friendly list of things you can contribute to this amazing learning community by next Wednesday. For example never underestimate the joy an LA has in seeing all the pencils sharpened!

Enjoy the weekend – even the rain!

Nadine (on behalf of the amazing junior team – Marie-Eve, Gina, Libby and Dean)