Year 1-3 Community Day – 1st Feb

Hi Everyone,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all to 2017. School kicks off tomorrow with a day of getting to know each other and our local environment. We will meet as a community for Karakia time (in the Wharenui if the weather doesn’t play nice). Following that children will move into their homebases until morning tea.

After morning tea we will head across the road to the swales to play games and race around. We will then visit Rosario Park and have lunch and a play. Finally we will make our way back to homebases for 2pm.

At approximately 2.15pm children in La Decouverte will meet with Marie-Eve in their space.

Just a couple of reminders – Thursday/Friday are IEM days, and Monday is Waitangi Day – no school.

Homebase classes begin on Tuesday 7th of February after a Mihi Whakatau at 9am, Discovery Campus.

See you tomorrow!


Nadine, Gina, Libby and Marie-Eve