Core Values


By accepting the rights and obligations of being part of Ao Tawhiti we develop relationships and a sense of belonging that strengthens each member of our learning community. The relationships we form through shared experiences and working together give us a solid foundation to nurture, guide and direct our students.


Respect. We commit to honouring the individual while celebrating our diversity. We respect ourselves and each other as we aspire to build an empowering learning community.


Ao Tawhiti encourages/supports energetic and powerful learning. Our students are courageous as they push the boundaries of their own learning by taking risks and developing their own path.


Trust. Building your own learning path requires that Ao Tawhiti students live up to their commitments and responsibilities. They are trusted to make decisions and follow them through with integrity, and to behave in ways that positively promote Ao Tawhiti to the world.


Ao Tawhiti actively strives to celebrate the uniqueness of individuals, while unifying the community. We share our successes and work through our difficulties with compassion, caring and tolerance.