Can I start tomorrow?

No. Unfortunately we’re not like your local school. You cannot just arrive on the morning and have your child in a class later that day … even if you live right next to the building. We must follow our enrolment scheme. This normally means that we will take your registration of interest, ballot it with […]

My child has a learning need / a behaviour need / a physical need that means your school is the ONLY school for them. Is this the case?

The answer is, it depends.  We don’t see students as a condition or need.  We see them for who they are and what they want to learn.  We have many students who have struggled at other schools and are flying here.  Equally we have made things worse for some students who have struggled elsewhere.  It’s […]

Why don’t you have playgrounds?

We believe that the city has resources that are better than anything we could build onsite.  We get our students out into the city regularly and do not feel that our students are disadvantaged by this.  Fortunately, most (if not all) other Christchurch schools have playgrounds, so if it’s a deal breaker for you, you […]