Over time I have developed independence and
see the importance of having motivation. In the real world no one is going to necessarily
chase you around and you have to be able to do your own thing. This school prepares you
for that. This school is what you make of it.


Highlights over the last few years include the opportunity to do a
University of Canterbury Chemistry course. I have also enjoyed the Gateway opportunities,
including doing a PHEC first aid course. I have done overnight tramps, including one to Lake
Daniels, which really got me into tramping and climbing and bouldering. This term I am
doing work experience with the Residential Red Zone team at the Christchurch City Council.


I came to this school because I wanted to
have choice around what I can learn. I like the opportunities that
are available at this school. The best part of my day is Arotahi because this is when you get
to do the learning that you want to do. I like being trusted to get on with my work, make my
own decisions and in the future.


My original goal for this year was to get NCEA level 2 but I have already achieved that, so I am now working towards level 3. I am currently studying dance, drama, English, physics, chemistry and maths. In addition to that I have taken up media studies this year. I am also going to do […]


Last year I attended our school’s outdoor education programme. It started off with an eight-day camp and sea kayaking trip to Abel Tasman. Other trips involved river crossings, snow skills such as making your house out of snow, and survival skills: you go out into the bush and sleep under a tarp, sometimes in pouring […]


I became a Student Support Advisor, as I really wanted to give back to the school. This year I decided to run a PE class with the year 7s to 10s, to improve personal relationships with younger kids and to support friendship. We played fun games together on the nearby tennis and basketball courts, and […]


I have a passion for dance, art, music, and singing. I really enjoyed running Stage Challenge this year, together with another student. It was quite a challenge as the two of us were in charge of the whole project, such as finding a theme, choreography, music, lighting, and costumes. We had a bit over a […]


I have been involved in a business project called Developster for about a year now. It is an online platform that helps teen entrepreneurs to connect, share, and collaborate, with like-minded teenagers, such as graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, game designers and more. Most kids have little access to Computer Science and Developster intends to change […]